Email Inbox: Why Do I Reblog So Much?

email-meOn Wednesday I had a reader email me and ask why I reblog so much.  Her question was followed with the fact that she is “a little tired of my inbox being filled at the end of the day with so many reblogs”.

I thought if one person thought this then maybe more thought this as well.  The simple fact is I reblog in order to help bloggers who don’t have a lot of readers.  By connecting people to others I hope to help build our blogging community.  The simple fix to this is to disconnect from receiving email updates and visit my page when you decide to visit.

I had stopped reblogging for a period of time, but find there is a need for someone to help others grow their pages.  And if a reblog helps 1 blogger grow, then I feel I have done my duty.

Hope this helps to clarify.


44 thoughts on “Email Inbox: Why Do I Reblog So Much?

  1. Danny, you have re blogged my essays/photos many times and I appreciate it. Every once in awhile I have to go through my Manage Subscriptions option and trim/change what sites show up in the email. That I believe is what really is going on here for the individual who contacted you. All my best to you. Have an excellent week.

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  2. Thank you for your re-blogging, it is very kind of you and I’m sure that it helps many to enlarge their readership. I pick what I read also through ‘reader’ I had to switch off email notifications because I could not keep up with it and my inbox became too full each day.

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  3. I have been introduced to bloggers that I would never have seen without your reblogs and some of them have become the bloggers I connect with most often. So I appreciate the re blogs. The email can be managed without too much trouble.

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  4. I love that you read posts and reblog and don’t just reblog to…well.reblog….I like to find awesome blogs that only have like 4 followers and reblog those!
    I had someone reblog one of my poems once and I had a picture taken of me for it and the person that reblogged commented how hot I looked in the bathing suit. But the picture was about abuse. So they just reblogged it without reading it and commented and inappropriate comment based on content.
    I love when someone takes to time to be present and really read what I have written.
    When I read your posts I will read them top to bottom. I noticed the other day that someone liked 20 0f my posts in 10 seconds and I thought….did they actually read them? Hmm. I guess one never knows.
    But I am glad for your explanation. It is why I reblog too. Sorry for the momentary ramble!

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  5. I really liked that you reblog so much (not just because you reblogged my once), because I feel you always find interesting blogs. However, I do have to admit that I see infinitely more updates from you than from any other blogs I follow.

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  6. I totally agree with you. For me, you are doing a very noble act and an act of bravery and selflessness. You have a very very good heart. When I was new on this platform middle of last year, it was daunting and I just trudged on somehow. I didn’t get any reblogs (wish I did). Please keep it, it’s totally BRILLIANT! 👍🏾👍🏾

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