41 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/7/17

  1. Great question. I think people follow blogs for many reasons, depending on the person. Many of my followers like that my site has clean, non controversial humor about things they see everyday. Many of them want quick, relaxing, funny stories that don’t involve religion, conflict or politics. They get enough of that by turning on the news, or reading a newspaper, and are looking for an escape.

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  2. This is a surprisingly tough question as I’m not big on selling myself. All I can say is that I try pass on my passion for books through my reviews, and share my personal insights through my occasional political posts and posts on social issues. One of the things I hated about leaving my job as a children’s librarian because of my health, is losing the ability to effect people in positive ways. My purpose in creating my blog was to recapture some of that.

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  3. Thought provoking question today! I’d have to say someone should follow my blog because I can save them some time, money & frustration. I try things out so others don’t have to, share my +’s & -‘s, share locals recommendations when it comes to travel (& inexpensive ways to do so), and in between…I try to make people either laugh or think. And sometimes I babble…..OK, A LOT of times I babble.

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  4. What an excellent question. With Mom being so ill this year I haven’t been posting like I would like to for quite some time but I feel my blog still has a lot to offer the reader. The goal of my blog has always been to uplift and help people see life from a new vantage point and help them grow. I have been doing my daily tarot post and I try to get a post up every Thursday and crystal post on Friday. When I am able I will get back to posting more.

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  5. Why should people join The Cove? Simply because it is a nice place to hang out! Because you never know what’s going to come next, and because the door is always open, with comfy sofas, cushions, dim lights and your favorite hot drink!

    Because I don’t take myself seriously, and I love to welcome people and interract with them…

    Because there is no fee to join in, and no complicated procedure if you get tired of my shenanigans and want to “unfollow”…

    Because I’m just so darn adorable… Until you really get to know me, and then, well, my craziness can still be somewhat entertaining at times 🙂

    But really, I think others would be better placed to answer this question 😛 I just know I truly enjoy every new visitor!

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  6. Interesting question. I will say I would love to say follow my blog because we all have something to share and learn. We all share this ball we call our world and have things to learn from each other. My blog is my personal things have learned along the way.

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  7. Hmmm this is a question that puts me on the spot. I think people should follow my blog because I write interesting posts about horses. I write about all aspects of the horse; horse history, horses as therapists, competing with a horse, interviews with Olympic riders, Paralympic riders, and my own life with horses and how they have helped me survive illness and give me a reason to get up in the morning. And now that my horse “speaks” and posts his thoughts where else could you find a blog to give it to you “straight from the horse’s mouth”!

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  8. I’ve been through it all. Cancer, abusive relationships, custody battles, grief, job loss, financial loss, alcoholism, eating disorder blah blah blah. The reason to read my blog is despite it all, I’m Still standing. That’s hope for someone who feels hopeless

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