Your Mind Holds The Fate Of My Character. (FREE YA Dystopian Novella Nov. 30 – Dec. 4)

Didi Oviatt

The time has come to finish this twisty dystopian/mythological hybrid trilogy, New Age Lamians.  I have a couple of different outlines for books two and three, but I’m struggling to decide on which plot points to run with. SOOOO, I’ve decided to approach my starting creative angle a little differently than usual, and let the readers tell me what they’d like to see happen!

Here’s my plan: I’ll take all of the comments and reader’s wants, and put them all in a giant pool. Then I’ll cross reference my favorites with the outlines I already have in place. I want to get started by the end of the month, so what I’ve done is marked the first book in the trilogy as FREE for the next five days, and then will keep it at $.99 afterwards for a couple more weeks. (Remember sharing is caring. I’ll take all the feedback I can get!)

It’s a short…

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