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  1. Forever!!! I want to survive in the wilderness alone. I would love that! Ok realistically, with the whole muscle disease….if I were by a river and had a match..a week??

      1. I’ve told my husband a ton of times that I wish I were living back a thousand years ago without everything they have now that makes me so sick. And we then discuss BUT if I had the same muscle disease would anyone care for me? And if not, I’d make it a few days with water by a stream

  2. Which wilderness? Forest, desert, tundra, swamp, etc.; and with what (hopefully appropriate) clothing, tools, and supplies, and maybe the US Army Survival Manual (which I do own). In short, IDK.

      1. Well, that probably eliminates the coastal redwood rain forests. I guess I’ll have to look at a map and see where in WA is 500 miles from civilization (minimum town size?) and has forest. If its in the mountains the winters can be seriously brutal and summer is fire season. Step one would likely be to start a small, but smokey fire (have lighters and could siphon some gas from the car) and stay with the car (shelter, and more visible than just me), and wait for somebody to investigate the smoke or drive by. If forces to hike out, stay on the road and don’t take off cross country in the woods. Survival time is still unknown.

  3. Now that I am older, it wouldn’t take long for me to fail. Back years ago, when my children were very small, I managed 8 1/2 months before I found a place to live that had walls and floors.

  4. I think it also depends on the season and what basic supplies you might have with you… something to filter water? Matches? A knife? Let’s say I had those three things and the temperatures were moderate. I think I could last a pretty long time. I grew up in a rural part of the country where pretty much everyone knew a little about living off the land. Not that I’d want to… Lol!

      1. My father had 4 girls. We started going to Survival Camp every summer at age 10. It was a lot like Boot Camp. We learned to use a bow and arrow, every type of firearm, hiked for miles and had to spend one night in the woods alone. So we all know how to survive, but my mother, from Charleston, S.C., gave us another option. Allergies. No more woods for us!

  5. If it was in sub zero temperatures only about an hour. If it was hot then I would probably last a day or maybe ten if I had access so drinkable water. Realistically I am unskilled in wilderness survival.

      1. Not at my age and stage. I did basic first aid, first aid for kids and CPR training before we set off in a campervan across the Australian outback and we carried enough food and water to survive for 3 days but that has been my closest experience to wilderness survival.

  6. In today’s society, the question should be how long can you survive in the wilderness without your phone? xD Jk jk

    I grew up on a very remote island, woods everywhere and was no city. Like no McDonalds, Starbucks, movie theaters etc. Not only was it remote, but it was on an island so for food and supplies always depended on the ferry to come in. In the winter time, the power went out constantly due to wind storms and sometimes the ferry couldn’t come in for days or a week at a time due to high winds. It got worse as they also lowered the winds the ferry could safely travel in due to a trip that was made while I was living there and the kitchen window on the ferry was knocked out/broke and a very dangerous trip for those on board. So the stores could become empty pretty fast during these times. It was a very unique experience (I lived there for like 15 years) and really taught me how to be humble. In high school, we took outdoor courses and part of the course was survival skills and we actually were sent out into the woods to survive on our own. Though we were split into teams so it wasn’t so bad.

    With the experience and what I have learned thus far, I think I could survive quite a while as I know how to build shelter, survive different temps of weather, get food, water etc. But alone? I don’t know, I would hate the thought of being alone in the wilderness. I can hardly survive a day alone without my husband. xD But they say survival instinct is pretty strong that we don’t even realize it. I think most people would survive quite some time in the wilderness if they had too.

      1. Lol I know what you mean. But I think it’s fairly true what they say about our survival instincts are stronger than we imagine when in a life or death situation.

        A movie that really kinda inspired me about survival was 27 hours, if you never watched or heard about it. Was a movie done based on a true story of some guy who went biking in a canyon fell down into part of the canyon and got his arm jammed under a boulder with no one in sight to help. No one came the entire time and he had to do drastic measures to get himself out to survive. He lived down there I assume for 27 hours considering the title until he took matters into his own hands. I found out after I watched the movie that the actor spent time watching documentaries about the man’s story and even talked to him. Which explains why the movie in my opinion was so well done and the actor was very believable and his role was very fitting. It’s worth a watch, but warning it is cringe worthy near the end. I kinda had to look away and the sound affects freaked me out. lol I don’t want to give it away but you can kinda guess what happens I think. xD Either way it’s worth a watch imo and shows what humans would do when stuck in what seems to be impossible situations and what we are capable of doing if we have to survive.

      1. Yep, I will be fine, I read The Hardy boys and Enid Blyton when I was growing up 😉

        If I take my partner along I would be able to survive more than a week or so, while I can catch, kill and prepare meat, He does it better than me (Don’t say I said that)

      2. I, personally, think its something everyone should learn. In this day and age, we seem to have this opinion that we will never need it, we are always connected in some way to google, or facebook or whatever, however, there are situations that happen, that are not out of the realm of possibility, from breaking down in the car on a road with no signal, to a natural disaster and even the most basic of wilderness survival will help

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