You, son of a…

Cyranny's Cove

Oh! Oh! Oh!…  Not in Santa’s way, more like in a very excited way!

You might know Sonofabeach96. Well, the man just triggered me by using two key words that guarantee to get my full attention: “flag” and “challenge” (well, he didn’t use the word “challenge” per say, but he did dare me to do something stupid, and that’s exactly the same!)

We were talking about being freaks (in a crazy, weird awkward way), and waving the freak flag high, and you all know how I like flags to begin with!

 I wonder what the design of the freak flag would look like? Maybe sponsor a contest? 

Dang yes!

I, for one, would really like to have my own flag!! (I promise to share the credit with you Sonofa! And with the flag designer too!) And I have a feeling some people could get interested in getting their freak flag…

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