Manaus on the Negro River


manManaus is the capital of the vast state of Amazonas in northwestern Brazil. The city sits on the banks of the Negro River. This is the major departure point for the surrounding Amazon Rainforest. East of the city the Negro River merges with the Solimoes River creating an amazing visual phenomenon known as the “Meeting of the Water”. The combined tributaries form the Amazon River.

 man teatro 2

Teatro Amazonas is an Italian Renaissance-style Opera House. This is the city’s most famous building opened in 1896 and today is protected as a national monument. This is an impressive cultural palace right in the heart of the primeval forest. Most of the material for building the theater came from Europe like the Italian marble doorways, English wrought-iron staircase, chandeliers of Murano glass from Venice and other material imported from France. The dome of the building was completed at the beginning of the 20

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