Just an Odd Job Girl

The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Trail

I finished Just an Odd Job Girl  by Sally Georgina Cronin over the weekend and find it to be hilariously funny in many parts and encouraging in others. It’s an uplifting story of how one woman deal with things after life (her husband) threw one for a loop. Imogen Symthe is a very interesting well developed character. I learned a new word called “fast tracker” I thought it meant a track star. LOL!

In my humble opinion, Imogen is a bit of a doormat who had to learn to stand firm. You watch her grow and process until  she’s comfortable in her own right.

In my opinion, the moral lesson in the story is before investing your all into a so called loving relationship make sure the other person is willing to do the same. Actually, it’s very easy to tell if one is in a one sided relationship…

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