Monday Minstrel: Horse and Human Evolution


During the early twentieth century, the horse was so iconic that the Museum of Natural History’s  logo, in true partnership style, consisted of a skeleton of a horse rearing beside the skeleton of a man.  In the logo the man’s arms reach to the sky, just as do the horse’s front legs, making the parallel between the modern horse skeleton and the modern human skeleton crystal clear.”

This is a quote from Wendy Williams wonderful book “The Horse.  The Epic History of Our Noble Companion. ”

This photo is the cover of the Scientific American magazine , July 29.1905. There is an inscription at the bottom of the cover that reads: “Skeleton of man and horse mounted for comparison. Man has retained more of the Primitive Postures Common to All Mammals, the Horse Being Far More Specialized in the Structure of its’ Limbs and of its’ Grinding Teeth.”


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