Holiday Season Madness!

Tripping Through Treacle

The weekend’s almost up – how has everyone’s week been?  What with it being the run up to Christmas, and the fact that we are currently in the midst of kitchen-renovation-hell, mine has been super busy.  I have really had to concentrate on slowing down to try and minimise the impact that the busy-ness would have on my MS.

It is amazing the effect that stress has on me – the kitchen work hasn’t really taken it out of me in regards to physical labour (my husband has been dealing with that part!) but the stress of worrying about fixtures and fittings arriving on time and the fact that we have loads of, well, crap, lying all over the house is making me into a really frazzled Jen.  The result is that I have had a few falls and my word finding problems are showing up more. In addition, the…

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