41 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/14/17

      1. I would feel myself very disgusting without a shower for a month. I tried this in my time at ICU in the summer for 35 days, where I was washed yes, but no shower. I needed the shower more, than I needed the internet.

  1. Here I am, reading your question (therefore on The Internets) with a tub full of hot lavender scented water waiting for me…. I’ll answer later, I don’t want my bath to get cold! LOL

  2. Danny, do you have any idea what my inbox would look like if I gave up the internet for a month? I’d have to turn off all notifications. There would be serious withdrawal symptoms, and, I would have to post that I would be away for a month so as not to worry people. Still, I don’t think I could stand myself if not bathing for a month.

  3. LOL It’s sad when this kind of question can apply to our society. :/ Thanks for the laugh. xD

    I could give up the internet easily. I LOVE my hot showers and it is a personal choice to keep up my hygeine I guess. I could give up the internet for quite a few things I think.

  4. Can I shower? Or swim? Because if I can shower then the problem is solved and same if I can go for a swim as I can wash myself. So if I can somehow wash myself then I give up on bathing. Not a big fan of baths anyway… but if I can’t clean myself I rather give up on the internet…

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