My Daily Observation: 12/14/17

My Daily Observation: 12/14/17


The world is changing rapidly.  Just when you think you have the latest television technology something new is released.  Mobile phone technology is advancing so quickly that soon we will not actually have to have the device on us to call others.  We get news at the moment it happens.  We are connected more than ever before; and yet humans have never been more depressed.

Change is not always a good thing, but it is the only thing that remains the same.  We can fight it, resist it, deny it, doubt it, but change is happening regardless.


19 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 12/14/17

  1. You are right that change is constant. Much change is good but used (on occassions) irresponsibly). For example mobile telephones are great tools for keeping in touch (I still remember shiving in phone boxes in the depths of winter). However people glued to their phones when with friends or loved ones is a bad thing and I always try to turn my phone off when in the company of close friends etc. What is required is balance but we humans are not always good at achieving this. Kevin

      1. Both our body and brain are lazy, why it also cost us time to get into new habits. About 3 weeks after starting a new habit, it will be a known habit for both the body and brain. It can be tough work to get so far, up to what we give up and we place instead.

  2. While technology may be advancing at an alarming rate, the human animal is not. We still crave and need physical interaction with each other, whether it be at the dinner table or going to a public activity. It is deeply engrained into our psyche that we need to get out and meet people, to communicate with them face to face. All technology is doing is making it easier for people to cut themselves off from society and it is leading to depression and feelings of hopelessness.

  3. Thanks to technology and social media, we are making fewer and fewer one-on-one meaningful relationships. No wonder we are more depressed than ever before. My adult children think they must answer the phone every time it rings and that they must be available 24/7. Of course, they have no clue what it was like to have one phone in the house hanging on the wall with a 3 ft. cord. They have probably never left home without a phone in their pocket. They also have no idea what it was like to call someone and no one answered or there was no voicemail. Oh, the horror! Oh, the lack of interruptions!

    My phone is set to automatically silence itself at night from 12-8 and during the day from 9-3. I’ve made my phone my slave instead of the other way around.

      1. Confining it to certain time is probably a good idea as well. I had a job where I had to be available 24 hours a day on the days I worked, so my charging station ended up by my bed. Probably not the best arrangement if you can avoid it.

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