39 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/15/17

  1. What do you REALLY believe without question about your religion? If you could make one law that the entire world had to follow what would it be? and
    If someone broke that law of yours, what would the punishment be?

    1. I was referring more to questions about life. For instance, how many grains of sand are there on the beaches of the world? Or, what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Or was Kennedy killed by a lone gunman or via a conspiracy? Is there life beyond our solar system?

      1. Look at mine sideways and they almost fit that criteria……..lol okay then…..why are oreos better if they are eaten white cream first then cookies later? how’s that? lol

  2. Any three questions — Hmmmm — I think the really big questions, the perennial ones that have driven theology and philosophy, scholars and mystics for millennia, have no finally knowable answers, their value being in the quest and the asking. So, those are out. What’s left?
    1. Is there a way to overcome the seeming unbridgeable divisions and un-understanding that plagues our politics and find a consensus that offers a common way forward?
    2. Will our civilization, or at lest our species survive what we have done to the environment?
    3. Will we ever escape the traps of racism, sexism, and such?

    1. I like your questions. I thought I’d take a crack at them. 1. Of course all we have to do is get rid of judgment and comparison. 2. We’ve messed it up 15 times already. We might not get it right this time around but we will. 3. Yes we will.

  3. Thought provoking post, Danny 🙂
    When will there be peace all over our world?
    When is it possible, that no one need to starve?
    When will people learn, how to take better care of our planet?

    1. 1. Personally I believe dead is dead. So nothing? But I am trying to work on some amazing scenario as I will admit death still terrifies me a bit. I get the whole live life to the fullest and blah blah so you can be like content when you die or something??? But it’s not that I want more time or anything, just the thought of my heart stop beating, brain stops working etc is scary to me. Like will it hurt? Do I really die? I think of the most messed up things like what if we just go into a lifetime coma? :/ Or you are awake but your body is dead. I am weird I know. But maybe it is normal to have those fears. So the only positive thing I guess I get with the whole death deal is live your life for you to the fullest, achieve happiness, leave a good mark on humanity even if it’s small or like make a difference in one’s life, if you have children etc have them set up so you know they will be okay after you leave etc and then death doesn’t really matter. We have no control over it, so why worry? We can’t come back and tell people what happens after death, so screw it I guess. I dunno. It is one of the most popular questions pondered.
      2. I am not sure if it is possible to make yourself ruler of the world, but I do wish you the best of luck and if you ever achieve this tell me your secret or maybe just listen to a few wishes I have for humanity? xD
      3. There is proof there is other living life in the universe, just most of it like bacteria and other stuff that no one cares about. It isn’t scary like aliens. If Alien life exists they are probably smarter than us and laugh at us therefor will never visit us. xD If they do, we should be worried. Jk jk. I personally strongly believe there is life outside our planet. Maybe aliens, it’s possible. And all the proof I need is we are one tiny spec in our universe. Yet we think we are so important. 😛

      1. 1. Until its proven either way I want to know
        2. Depending on what you believe (do not go down this rabbit hole) someone (or a group of people) already is in control of the world, I technically just need to get rid of them. Besides a girl needs dreams
        3. I want proper Roswell type Aliens

      2. 1. Yes, me too. We have proof that the brain waves die and our body shuts down. There is not much proof outside of that, like what exactly happens and that is what we all probably wonder.
        2. I personally believe a group of people own the world, I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Maybe not per say exactly the Illuminati or one world order, but those theories interest me and hold some interesting theories like any other theory. I just wasn’t sure if I should share my personal beliefs on a public comment section cause you know us humans, we like to argue. xD I am open to many theories of who and what controls the world and how. I love those discussions because I think it encourages intelligent conversations. And if we want to change anything or say in your case rule the world we need to know what we are dealing with. I personally don’t want to rule the world, but I would like to see a big change in humanity. So I guess my question would be how do we go about that? Who rules if we over throw the owners? We can’t live in complete chaos and I don’t trust humans enough to live without laws and government. Lol.
        3. Yes me too. It is possible. There is an alien documentary that floated sometime ago that can’t be proven, but it also cannot be disproven. It’s super freaky and I was going to ask you if you have heard of it, and if not to maybe check it out in your free time. But I forget the name of it, and google isn’t helping. 🙁 I personally don’t think it was true, but there are not enough facts saying it isn’t true. It is super messed up and people probably still question it. Caused huge debates and uproar. Sorry 🙁 I can look for it on netflix and let you know if you would be interested. It’s not area 51. xD

      3. I like to think there is more to death then just nothingness.
        2. A fellow tin foil hat person 🙂 I have plans for the world including making sure we are kinder to mother earth, giving land back to the animals and people being executed if they are dicks.
        3. There was one a few years ago which turned out to be bollocks and instead of an alien, was a mumified child in a musuem

      4. 1. Yes, same here.
        2. Why yes I am. 😀 I completely agree. We need to do better with mother nature, and giving the land back to the animals. I really would like to see humanity save the polar bears, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. The day polar bears and elephants go extinct is going to be very sad for me if I live to see it. They are some of my most beloved animals. And I don’t mean save them by captivating them or putting them in zoos, but be better to the earth to stop the ice melts and stop poaching elephants. 🙁 I don’t believe in execution personally, but I think for humanity to change it may be needed for some people who can’t be helped. But I would like to believe in rehabilitating humanity. But until we find a better way to control the world etc, I do what I can when I can for the benefit of humanity, I can;t save the world it depresses me it really does that even if I did go above and beyond and did everything in my power to change, it would only leave a small footprint and the difference wouldn’t really have a huge impact.
        3. I don’t think I have heard of that one. I don’t think aliens if they exist have visited earth, but I wouldn’t cancel out completely the theory of governments could be hiding it if they have. But that would be quite challenging because not like aliens are tamed things that will listen. Haha. But I do like to believe there is life beyond our planet, but is it aliens? It could very possibly be that idea. Not the idea of what humans think could be aliens, but I believe it’s very possible. Our universe is so huge there has to be other life out there somewhere. Humans are still arguing over what aliens are though etc. We see an weird object in the sky and think automatically it could be aliens, when all UFO means is unidentified object. It doesn’t mean alien per say. Another huge mystery to me when it comes to different life is the ocean, we know so little about it and it is so huge.

      5. I think everyone can make a difference on this world, even if its just a small difference. In the real world, I strongly object to execution, in my “I am going to rule the world world.” I believe in it. It doesn’t work as a form of deterrant, and I don’t believe that we can be so sure of someones guilt, we can kill them.

        I dont think they have visited us either, or they have seen what a state the human race is and made a note to come back and see us when we are more evolved, but I am sure there are other planets with life on them

      6. Yes we can, even if it’s small and by setting better examples etc can also encourage others to do the same, hopefully. 🙂 And yeah I see what you mean, very true.

        Yes, there might be. We may never know, but who knows with technology advances etc and the universe will always be a huge interest. Humans would love to explore more and know more about it, so maybe one day we shall find out.

  4. Will he Catholic Church ever have women ordained as priests?
    Will the Rohinga and the millions of other refugees ever have a home and a life?
    Will my grandchildren survive the effects of climate change?

  5. I have been told that I ask too many questions…but I really think that there are rarely any ridiculous questions…sometimes just some ridiculous answers.

    My questions…
    1. Why do some people mock and ridicule their peers and their elders?
    2. What can legally be changed so that people will not and cannot cheat the welfare system?
    3. Which is more important…only one close friend or fifty fairly close acquaintances?

    1. 1. Probably a number of reasons. I have a few guesses but it’s late here and it would be a quite detailed reply. Plus I could be wrong! xD
      2.I love your second question! I am not against welfare at all, I truly believe some people need it, I have nothing wrong with my taxes or what have you helping out people truly in need. But empathize on some and truly in need. We need to fix it so people can’t cheat it. In my opinion, the only solution I can think of or fix is to make it more stricter to get on welfare. Like more severe background checks, maybe more limitations of how long you can be on welfare, if it’s life than constant check ins with the people on it, stricter rules. But it also takes more educating and help on all our parts, setting examples and bettering society.
      3. Few close friends definitely imo.

      1. These three questions came to my mind right away because they all relate personally to my experiences.

        #1 Question: Mockery and ridicule seem to be the norm of our current times. When the President of the United States mocks and ridicules people, I find it incredibly disturbing. When member of Congress simultaneously mock and ridicule the President, I find it incredibly disturbing. And it goes on and on…parents mocking and ridiculing teachers, teachers actually mocking and ridiculing parents, administrators mocking and ridiculing seemingly everyone. This behavior is not constant and not present everywhere, but I have seen and heard enough of it.

        Question #2: Having taught for 18 years in Title I schools (low income and high crime areas), I saw abuse of the welfare system continuously. Of course, there was not abuse from everyone. However, there was welfare abuse from so many people. If a teacher is aware of the serious problem, why aren’t legislators aware of the situation? These were family who indeed needed help if they wanted to feed and shelter their families. But…some did not work…some were in and out of jail… some refused to care for their children… some were illegally in the country and did not intend to become legal. Some came to this country because of the free hand-outs that they expected…and they were able to get the free hand-outs. Just wrong…and I dearly cared about these children.

        Question #3: I like to have many friends and be around groups of people. I enjoy the camaraderie. When I retired last year, I had a difficult time leaving the social aspect of the school environment. I had no idea how important those relationships were to me. I am still friends with my co-workers, but it is different when you do not see them day to day. That perhaps explains my reason for the question!

  6. Very tough question…And a lot of these questions all seem to be similar and could be answered with well it’s humanity, we need to better ourselves. But maybe I’m wrong. 😛

    1. Why is Trump still president? jk jk.

    1. With medical advances today, why do we still don’t know the cures to some of the most horrible diseases like cancer?
    2. Why do we still live in a world where we willingly choose to let people starve to death, not have access to drinkable water when all these things are possible to accomplish?
    3. When will mother nature have enough of us and wipe us out? And/or will humans kill ourselves off? I guess what does the end of humanity scenario look like.

    I have a few more I can think of, but these three I do ponder. I also tried not to repeat any questions already asked as there were many great ones.

      1. Greed is the answer yes to a lot of questions when it comes to humanity. But then are all humans greedy? Or are we just too afraid of change or say a world revolution? 3. Yes we probably will, as long as humans avoid a world war 3 kinda deal. There is too much power and technology now we can’t afford another world war, it would risk all of humanity. I personally fear it sometimes, but hope that humans are more intelligent to know the result of a world war. But that may be giving us too much credit. xD

  7. 1. Why is the Lone Ranger called ‘Lone’ when he spends all his time with Tonto?
    2. Where does infinity end?
    3. Is time travel possible?
    Infinity hurts my head lol.
    Of course if time travel is possible then I’d love to have a go.

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