My Daily Observation: 12/15/17



I had my second therapy session yesterday and it was great.  If nothing else I think I am going to enjoy the opportunity to purge my mind.  Talking about anything and everything is so refreshing and revealing.  I didn’t expect to feel so good about talking to a complete stranger.

I wonder how many others have a therapist?  The one thing I am realizing is that I wish I had done this sooner instead of waiting until my mid forties.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about my conversations with Dr. Kate, but will talk about any big revelations as they relate to life in a general sense.

With that said, I’m off and hope everyone has a great Friday!

14 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 12/15/17

  1. I’ve been in therapy since I was 16. As of late I have a life coach that I connect with every week. There’s no shame in seeking some sort of therapy. For me it’s a release to be able to share my inner most thoughts, concerns, hurts, etc with someone other than a friend or family member. It’s helpful to receive an unbiased opinion from someone who isn’t there to judge me rather there to guide me in this crazy thing we call life. I commend you for taking that step.

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