Crazy brains… just not mine!

Cyranny's Cove

I have a weird working brain, but at least it is working (most of the time… at least to keep my heart pumping and my lungs running their CO2 business).

I know I am not the only one… lots of people don’t use their brains according to the manual. I strongly believe that us people shouldn’t be put in charge of countries. Ok, I know, my American friends… You probably would trade your current president for me anyday, but I can assure you it’d be a very short relief!

Yup, my people shouldn’t be granted power! Can you imagine what I’d do if I ran Canada? I sure can… I’d probably start by renaming it Denmark II, firing Elisabeth and self-proclaiming me Cyranny, Queen of Denmark II.

Do you really want that to happen?

Well, it seems that some countries are open to weirdness. I think that it is nice…

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