My Daily Observation: 12/16/17

My Daily Observation: 12/16/17

DannyPsychologists estimate that the human brain processes between 15,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day.  Stop and think about that for a quick moment.   Then if you ponder the number of thoughts you vocalize you’ll realize there’s a lot of stuff you hold inside.

There are thoughts you’ve had that you’ve never, ever said out loud.

I wonder how healthy this can be.  What kind of impact does this have on a person?

I find it fascinating that the human brain can create up to 60,000 thoughts in a single day.

Have you ever contemplated the number of thoughts you process each day?  Then think about the number of those thoughts you actually talk about.   To say humans live inside their own brain becomes an understatement in light of these numbers.

Maybe it’s time we all start talking more?


7 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 12/16/17

  1. I think they must be counting the unconscious events that go into assembling what gets passed to the conscious, verbal process, or not. Still, talking more might be a good idea.

    1. None of the articles I read defined “thoughts” but I’m sure the subconscious plays a part. We live more inside ourselves than I ever realized. It is extraordinary.

  2. I read last week, that mostly people have around 70.000 thoughts every day, which I found was very many. But we are all living in our own world, even if we would like this to be different. This gave me a better understanding for, why I seem to think about something, for me important in that moment, but forget it later at the day and maybe come to think about it again, while I try to fall asleep. Very interesting.

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