Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/18/17


Read my Daily Observation and then Let me ask you a question:

Do you think the name someone is given influences the type of person they will become?

35 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/18/17

  1. Interesting question. I am not exactly sure, maybe for some people it may. But that is probably if a person thinks their name can have influence over who they become. Some people just see names as something they answer too and yes identify with. In my case, it isn’t true. I was named after Jamie Lee Curtis the actress and has no barrier on who I have become. So not in my case.

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    • How can you be so certain? If human development happens at an early age then a lot of the influence is out of your hands. Maybe your parents raised you with Jamie Lee as the model. Is it possible that if they had named you after someone else, you might be a different person all together?

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      • I am not certain, I just don’t think I was influenced by my name. My parent’s didn’t raise me with Jamie Lee as a model as far as I know. I think part of the reason they chose my name was it was a uni-sex name so it didn’t matter if they had a boy or a girl. But maybe. I don’t think I would be a different person though, my parents raised me in the exact opposite of how I turned out so. :/ Long story short. xD Aside from basic morals they taught me.

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  2. I think I’ve read someplace that certain names to increase odds of being successful. I don’t buy it though. Success should be based solely on effort and merit. Though in this crazy world, it wouldn’t surprise me if Johns or Jims are more successful than Bobs or Bills. Humans are just that stupid to let a name determine things. 😏

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  3. Well, one has to wonder about that. I immediately thought of Frank Zappa’s kids, Dweezel and Moonbeam. Then there are the Jr.s and onward. I don’t know of any research on the subject, but I’m pretty sure that there are some names that lend themselves to school yard teasing which could have an effect.

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    • Absolutely. Do parents treat their children different based on name alone? Then, what impact does a name have on the child’s treatment during developmental years. I think the answer to some degree has to be yes.

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