The Alistair and Alexis Christmas Special, Episode 5

Biff Sock Pow

Vintage Christmas - Christmas Tree Shopping 1b
Link To Episode 4

The annual Callington tradition of going to pick out the Christmas tree for the front room was well underway.  We had already made great progress.  To wit:  we had managed to get both children into the car at the same time.  There had been a couple of false starts.  On the first attempt, we were halfway down the drive before we realized our darling little Evangeline was nowhere to be seen.  An interrogation of her brother, Edrington, revealed nothing.  He was too busy building and fighting robot dinosaurs on his handheld gaming console.  Of little sisters he knew nothing.  If she were a dinosaur he might have shown more interest.

On the second attempt, we had actually pulled out of the drive and were tooling along Meandering Pheasant Lane when Evangeline sent word from the rear of the SUV that we were minus one brother.  She…

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