My Daily Observation: 12/19/17

DannyI started back on an exercise program yesterday and this morning I am hurting!  I’ve needed to do this for some time now, but have been making excuses.  Let’s face it, it’s easier to sit on the couch than it is to exercise, but sitting on the couch creates a lazy mentality and a fat body.

Because I refuse to allow MS to dictate what I will and will not do, I am back on the Insanity cardio program.  I’m going to do what I can do and take it easy because some of the program is pretty intense and my legs cannot take the beating.  What I did in the past was take lots of breaks while forcing my body out of its comfort zone a little at a time.  I am confident I’ll see great results as I have in the past.

Do you workout?  If so what is your favorite?

25 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 12/19/17

  1. We do. We belong to the Y and my favorite thing there is the elliptical and swimming laps. My favorite exercises aren’t in a gym though. Mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking are my favorites. Get a great workout but it doesn’t feel like the drudgery of going to a gym.

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  2. I’m a yoga fan now. I’m pretty fit but would like to turn it up a notch. Wanting my lifestyle to be an active one. Haven’t figured out how to do that. It feels like there needs to be an emotional clearning to make space for a more fit life. OK enough depth so early in the morning. Glad to hear you are moving your body. The best thing is to show up! And give what ever you have to give that day. Congrats to you!!!!! I”m proud of you. I’m off to yoga….:>

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  3. Good for you!!! Working out even if only minimally is great!! Before I got sick I was a runner. I ran 5-7 miles every day. I was also a gym rat. I haven’t ran since August of 2013. I miss the freedom I felt when I would run however like you, I haven’t allowed my illness to win. I walk nearly every day. A minimum of 3 1/2 miles. Sometimes at the gym but more often outside. I can no longer lift weights but I do what I can.

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  4. I do workout. I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and do some cardio, then weights ( machines) then stretching. Then I go and ride my horse. Since Ii have been off riding as much as usual I have done more cardio work at the gym.

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  5. It feels so good to get started, even if we need to kick ourselves to get going, so well done Danny 🙂
    I like to walk and before my hospitalizing in the summer, I walked between 2-3 hours a day with my dog. I’m not able to do that yet, but I hope it comes.
    I can’t run, my legs are protesting too much, but I did yoga before and I hope to be able to start this up again in near future.
    For now, I walk short walks with my dog and start up at rehabilitation last in December to try to repair some of the damages, as I got in ICU. The body are not made to lay in a bed for so long time without being able to move at all. Everything stops functioning and then need to start all over again.
    Remember to take good care of yourself.

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