47 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/20/17

  1. Insanity?! Jk…This is a very good question and I don’t know if I have the answer and I may have to ponder this question some more. I would say a few things that drives human behavior is desire and love (Good or bad. Love of power or superiority for example) Einstein said it was fear and greed were the two main forces and stupidity was the third. I would agree with that in some cases as well.

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  2. Ya’ know, considering the state of this world today, thats a damn good question. I’d assume it’s generally selfishness, ignorance, and false entitlement for a majority. Or, maybe not a majority, but a very noticeable minority.

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  3. Subjective to answer. People do so many things for many reasons- nature, nurture, seeking social acceptance/recognition, humane/wickedness, sheer fun/silliness, immaturity/maturity, ignorance, passion/obsession, purpose driven/lackadaisical attitude etc etc 😃

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  4. You should know better than to ask a Yorkshireman this. Yorkshire puddings of course. We have to get through every week just so that we can have Yorkshire puddings with our Sunday dinner 🙂
    Apart from that I guess for the rest of you it must be survival?

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      • Danny..
        yes you have to have the desire to do something..
        but your behavior towards that desire is determined by everything around you..
        the people..
        the environment..
        The influence…
        The values you grow up with.. ( from parents)..

        Outside forces does affect what we create to give us that internal drive…

        Our desire to do do anything.. is fully associated with our ambition and our needs and what we see as good for us…

        ( this is my interpretation of your question)
        So wish I was able to put it into words that explain it better…

        But everyone is right in there way of thinking…

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  5. A combination of environmental (nurture) and genetic (nature) factors drives human behaviour. In my poem “Genes”, I ask: “Are we just our genes? means to a meaningless conclusion of arms, legs, and bed? The head is often overruled by the fool lust. Into eternity we thrust, desperately hoping to leave one of our kind behind, Ere our dalliance ends in dust”.

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      • Lust comes from the desire to reproduce or simply the wish to have “fun”. However (as Exoticnita) points out, desire does not exist in a vacuum. Our upbringing and other external factors play a part in determining our actions. A man may desire to possess a beautiful woman and feel a strong sexual attraction to her. However most men (quite rightly) disregard their desires when the woman says “no”. Sometimes we disregard our desires as we have a higher motivation (for example our desire for sleep is put aside because a friend needs comforting/assistance).

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