Love story of “Shoes and Socks”

Beauty _of_ writing


What I mean to you? ” asked the Shoe in a confused way.

I am with you from the time we are here. We are close“, answered the Socks.

The Shoe is kept on the Shoe rack, in a room full of books. Entered Bhushan with 2 books in his left and a bottle in his right hand. Bhushan, The owner of the room and shoe.

Switched on his television, watching, TOM and JERRY cartoon.

I think I am…” Interrupted the Shoe, Socks said,” Why you love me? I will not always be there for you… We are together until the time I can fulfill Bhushan’s standard.”

I want you, I think I Love you”, Shoe asked Socks to be quiet. “When your soft body lies on me, softly it tickles. In winter, you provide me the required warmness. During summer

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