29 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/21/17

      • I wouldn’t be able to do anything in a big way, but in cases within my circle, I cannot keep quiet when someone is being unfair. My conscience hurts and if we keep quiet people think we will accept whatever nonsense they put out.

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      • Yes, I really don’t know how I could do anything about all the wrong that is happening all over the world. Trying something like that would be too ambitious of me. It would be wonderful if I can make some difference in my place. And unfortunately even that is not possible many a time. We feel so helpless then.

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      • That makes sense. For me I like to clearly define exactly what I believe and what it is I can do. That’s the only reason I asked. I think the most powerful change comes from inside one’s own neighborhood/family/circle etc.

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  1. Disrespecting me or someone else, inequality, discrimination, any kind of ignorance really, inspiration, survival, my husband, music etc….A lot of things drive me all depends on the situation at hand. This is kinda the same question you asked yesterday except you are asking us specifically. I will go with desire again hahaha xD

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      • I have a good friend whose husband has had serious heart issues and she was so stressed. I would text her and meet up with her for coffee so she could get a break and vent. My husband is a heart survivor so I got him to chat with her about what to expect once they got her husband in for surgery. I have to do something. I won’t interfere if not wanted but in this case she really needed the support. I could not just say : ” that’s too bad” and shut off. I could not live with that.

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  2. I have to be frank here, it depends on how much it inconveniences me. For example, I wrote a C# program today to convert a file that I can download from my bank into a format that Excel can read (why can’t the bank give me file that Excel can read… I don’t know).

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