No Room In The Inn


Joseph and Mary had travelled a long distance from their village to Bethlehem.  The journey was a rough and tiring one for Mary who was in the latter stage of her pregnancy. Having reached Bethlehem,  Joseph and Mary sought shelter in the town’s motel but heard on arrival that the establishment had no more room (Luke 2:7).  Mary and Joseph had to make use of the animal stable to shelter themselves during part of their stay in Bethlehem. It was during this time that Jesus was born. There was no room for the One who created the universe with all its vast spaces. What a paradox!

Jesus Christ, born of the tribe of Judah, brought up as a Jew, the promised Messiah who came to save his people from their sins, was unwelcome in this world. What harm could a helpless baby cause a powerful monarch like Herod? Yet Herod…

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