Take the Wheel, Won’t You

The Rooster Times

After so many roads
traveling together
I wanted someone else, her
to do some of the driving
not that I minded
but I needed to stretch
my arms higher than the car
roof, then placing my arms
behind my head,
looking at her,
just looking at her

It’s funny how
the years
had slipped away,
I remember how
we had promised
and planned, scrimped
and saved
waiting for the day
when we’d take the trip
of our dreams,

Her firm grip
on the steering wheel
eyes firmly planted
on the road
a look of determination
nothing, absolute nothing
was going to keep her

The years passed on by
out of the window
a blur of events, passing
I squinted and thought
I saw someplace
where we had been, were going
to be, wanted to be
but it was gone in a flash
just a handful of minutes, seconds

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