LP Review; August Burns Red: “Phantom Anthem”

What's So Special About Music Anyways?

“King of Sorrow” starts with an instrumental feature that starts with solo strings who establish the instrumental melodic material; also, they are soon joined by the percussion section that adds a steady beat to the work. After the groove is set, the vocalist enters in with heavy, aggressive vocals that are characteristic for August Burns Red. Near the middle of the song, the band drops down in instrumentation to feature the instrumental section once again, focusing on a smooth guitar solo that progresses in intensity as it glides through the section. Once the vocals reenter, the band falls back into the beginning groove, and they ride that vibe until the end of the work. As the song reaches the end, the band gives a small breakdown as they fall into a halftime rhythmic feel, which will likely foreshadow breakdowns in future songs.

 “Hero of the Half Truth” starts with…

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