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  1. Well, this year through a set of circumstances, we had an early Christmas eve celebration yesterday. One of the members of my sister’s extended family was Norwegian, so she focused on that culture and found that the 23rd is considered little Christmas Eve with lots of fun food and celebrations. It was so much fun that I decided to bring in the culture of one the people I am celebrating each year with to honor the diversity in celebration. I believe that is the authentic purpose of Christmas to honor all of humanity.

  2. Used to be putting stuff together for little boys until 3:00a.m. Technically, that became Christmas Day, but you get my drift. Now, the stuff they get doesn’t need to be put together, just charged up in advance, so my Christmas Eve is gonna be pretty chill. 😃👍🏻

  3. My grandparents are Austrian so growing up if we were close to relatives we clebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve with them as their Christmas Eve is their Christmas. Traditional Austrian/German foods were served, we would have to stay in the back room and wait for Santa to come. More as kids, of course we knew better once we got older, but still kept that tradition. Then would be called to the front room, would take pictures by the tree, sing Silent Night etc and open our gifts. (My Oma, grandma in German would sing silent night in German, she now knows how to play the harp and plays it on the harp now. 🙂 (I moved across the country for a lot of my life. 11-26 years old, but visited home the first few years of living across the country) When living across the country in BC, Canada we still kind of kept traditions. We wouldn’t open presents early with just my parents (although sometimes my parents would let the brother and I exchange our gifts to each other) but ate the same dinner as we would with my Oma and Opa. My dad has the tradition that we would always watch It’s A Wonderful Life every Christmas eve. That is our family festive movie and yes I can quote it front to back. xD So yes we have a Christmas Eve tradition a lot because of my grandparents and if the hubby and I ever have kds I would like to continue a similar tradition. This was my first Christmas this year away from my family, spent it with the husband’s family and was the first time we didn’t do anything for Christmas Eve. Felt very different I must say. We tried to watch a Christmas movie on Christmas eve on Netflix but ended up falling asleep. Fail. xD

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