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In nigeria, therearefourknownprofessions. Doctor. Lawyer. EngineeranddisgracetothefamilyPainednigerian

This mediocre mindset has eaten deep into the nigerian society. The pressure is even more when you have parents in the “ideal” fields.

You know how all nigerian parents tell stories of how they took first position while in school? *rollseyes* It’s totally different when your parents have the papers to show they actually did…*signs*

My dad is a medical doctor. Recently, his friend (a doctor) came visiting and my dad introduced me…We exchanged pleasantries and he asked if I have graduated. I replied yes. And he asked the course I studied…Y’all needed to see the look of disappointment he had on his face when I told him Medical laboratory science… Dr X asked me who I expect to follow in my dad’s footsteps etc…

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