How December 25 Became Christmas – A Different View


The western church celebrates 25th of December as the birthday of Jesus Christ. In Eastern Orthodox tradition, the birthday of Jesus is celebrated on January 6. The Christian faith has celebrated Christmas on December 25 from the 3rd century. A few groups which have their origin during the “great” awakening period in American history, have rejected the celebration of Christmas charging that it is a pagan in origin. They are adamant that Christmas is nothing more than the pagan Saturnalia that Christians have adopted and made a Christian festival in honour of Jesus’ birth.

The celebration has evolved over the centuries, and although some of the customs associated with the festival appear to bear some resemblance to those from pagan cultures, there is no conclusive evidence that  Christians borrowed them from the pagans.

There is no evidence from Christian writers who lived around the time of the commencement of the…

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