My Fredericton, New Brunswick.


Map of Points of Interest Fredericton

St Anne’s Point Heritage preserve area

I have become an avid fan of Fredericton. I twitter and Instagram photos of new places I have found.  Promoting my adopted city to anyone within earshot. It was number 19 in my Top 20 Maritime Outdoor Escapes for 2016, but I haven’t written a story on it yet…..why?  Because every time I go into the city, I discover a new layer of brilliance. The depth is so immense. I believed I would do it an injustice, unless I searched every nook and cranny.

Where should I start?

Perhaps with the first nations that lived in the area of Wolstoq and greet Samuel Du Champlain?

Saint John's Canadian Heritage River Plaque Saint John’s Canadian Heritage River plaque in the garden behind Government House. 51 Woodstock Road

Or with Fort Nashwaak and the Acadian history?

Fort Nashwaak 1692 Naitonal HIstoric Monument Fort Nashwaak built 1692 by The French Governor, Villebon it is…

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