Camotes Islands: The lost horizon of the south

The Less Traveled Paths

Quiet and beautiful Camotes islands are made of three main islands: Pacijan, Poro and Ponson. They are named after the camotes or sweet potatoes, which thrive abundantly on the islands there. Ponson is pretty remote with its inhabitants living a really basic life, it’s also hard to get there as there is no regular boat going there. Poro and Pacijan are more developed but it’s still mostly villages, there’s no ATM there and frequent power outages. These two islands are rich in springs, waterfalls and caves, Pacijan also offers some nice beaches. The islands are still really far from being a big tourists destination. Most people coming to visit are people from Cebu. The people are really nice and super welcoming.

There are a lot of natural wonders to see in Camotes. Here are some of them:

What to do in Camotes:

On Poro Island:

Bukilat Cave

Bukilat cave, Poro, Camotes, Philippines Bukilat Cave


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