Breathe. Just Breathe.

yadadarcyyada is Net Neutrality?
Do we have it?
Do we want it?
Is there an app for it?
Is it a new series on Netflix or Hulu and if not, should it be?
Does it involve The Force, coffee, or kittens? What does it mean?
Here’s my grasp of Net Neutrality…stuff neutrally entersthe great wide open of the net, including but not limited to: ads; blogging; movies; TV; Hygge; chocolate envy 🍫; bragging; bullying; sports; VR/virtual reality; pandas; puppies; AR/augmented reality; porn; fitness; diets; celebrities; cybercelebrities; wannabes; Pokemon Go (away); AI/Artificial Intelligence (beating out organic intelligence most days);; news; Social Media, i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Snapchat; Bitcoin; cookies; contests; random kindness; spam; clickbait; trolling; lying; pivoting; emojis 🎄 😍 🤷 ; Royals; catfishing; snowflakes; pill-pushers (possible deathpills, take a chance for more hair and ummm, personal growth);; information; disinformation; stalking; harassment…

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2 thoughts on “Breathe. Just Breathe.

  1. Wait, how did I miss this? So sorry, Danny, I have got to keep up with comments (not getting many notifications from WordPress again) and this one is a wonder!!! Thank you so much for the reblog, I think this Net Neutrality stuff got lost in the shuffle of the holidays (I’m sure the timing was a total coincidence) and all the other WH chaos, but it’s important and will have an impact on our lives. Thank you kindly and hope this week is treating you well – wishing you a weekend that soothes the soul. 🙂 Big bloggy hugs xoxo

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