My Dream Big Observation: 12/27/17


Another year and another Christmas gone.  This year it seemed like Christmas flew by like a flash.  I find that sad.

I love Christmas and look forward to every aspect.  I love putting the tree up after Thanksgiving.  I love plugging it in in the morning as I drink my cup of coffee and write.  I love watching as the presents slowly pile up.  I love getting out in the hustle-and-bustle.

And now it’s gone just like it goes every year.  So why am I more sad this year more than before?  I’m not sure.  Maybe because I’m getting older and I realize and appreciate the moments more?  Maybe I appreciate the fact that we are not guaranteed tomorrow?  Maybe because once Christmas is gone the rest of life seems much less magical?  Maybe all of the above.

Soon we will take down our tree and Christmas 2017 will be all but a memory.  Work begins again and new expectations will  be doled out.  People will no longer feel any obligation to give or help or care.  Maybe that is what makes me the most sad is that people will go right back to caring about themselves and focusing on others much less; ignoring those who need help.  Most people pay lip service to helping, but the numbers reveal that the vast majority do not help consistently throughout the year.

And that makes me sad.


26 thoughts on “My Dream Big Observation: 12/27/17

  1. Very true and eye opening, Danny. It is sad that most people make an effort to be kind and generous during the Holidays, and then go back to caring only about themselves… I’ll try to keep that in mind once the turn of year is behind us! Thank you for sharing. xx

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  2. It’s sad but true!!
    This year I challenged myself with getting familiar with the local volunteer services in my area. I didn’t get to as many as I’d hoped ( medical issues played a part). So I’m continuing it next year and will continue to blog about it. It’s opened my eyes to the needs in our area, how much I love meeting new people or learning a new task and what I can offer my patients who are in need. It helps me focus on others and not myself. It’s easy to get tunnel vision when the pace of life picks up.
    Cheers to you in 2018!

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    • I have been trying to practice reaching out to people when they come to my mind. I think it is a way of the spirit speaking to us with a message. maybe that person needs to hear a kind word. I guess it’s about being “in tune” with that voice inside us.

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      • They always say that when someone comes to our mind they are thinking about us. Did I ever tell you that John’s late wife had MS from being the age of 29, they were married for 45 years. He gave up work to be her full time carer. It was hard for him. That’s why It’s so important that you appreciate just how lucky you are to have such a wonderful wife who deserves to be your number one priority. 🌹

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