[112] Tiny Blue Dot

Smoke words every day.

The duality of it all conflicts
when the astronaut walks on the ground
the oxygen in his tanks leaks to light him up
the bleak space up above fainter
he closes his eyes until it closes his mind

a stargaze up above lands itself on the ground
the astronaut twinkles to the ones far away
while he burns not by the force of gravity
but because of the air that keeps him alive

I am the astronaut
I gaze at you like you are the star
To become somewhat like you I burn
I become a spectacle in return
The one you admire from afar
but rarely have a close look
I became an odd turn of events
I became an astronaut
that didn’t die on the moon
or died because of the lack of blue
I think I died because of the loneliness of the earth
or maybe a…

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