It’s all in your head

Long Island Iced Tea

So here’s the deal.

It’s all in your head-

The demons which sabotage your worthiness,

The shadows that lurk around your insecurity,

The sadists which feed on your felicity,

The giants that jeopardize your possibility.

See, it all begins and ends here- in your head.

All these semblances-in your head and the power to succumb, in your hands!

Whether you believe in yourself or you won’t,

Whoever said that you ain’t worthy of being heard and be known?

Whether you care enough to care about the fleeting or you don’t,

Whoever said you can’t write your destiny on your own?

Whether you chose to face your fears or turn away,

It’s all you-in your head.

We have all been designed that way-

We become what we think, not what others say.

See, it all begins and ends in your head

So you had always wanted to look a certain way,

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