7 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Watched This, Then Do So Immediately!

  1. I don’t have social media, deleted my facebook etc and hardly use my phone. So I got that going for me. haha 😛 Great inspiring video Danny, thanks for sharing. Although I think happiness is a lot deeper, materialistic driven society would be another important point I think. Politics is another great one, where the power is and what actually controls us. Lack of jobs, it is common now students get thousands of dollars in debt, graduate from University and can’t get a job for what they went to school for. Which he touched on corporations and leadership. I don’t think I am entitled because I personally believe every person has a right to health care, and every child has a right to education. I believe these are human rights, yet we pay a fortune in some cases for it all. Depends where you live of course. But a short rant that I hope makes sense. But none the less, great video and I was inspired. 🙂

    The biggest beef I have though is when older generations just expect our generation to stand up and fix it all. They mad mistakes but no one is blaming them but expecting them to step in and change. It is never too late to change either. I think is what will happen is the best case scenario is it will hit a breaking point. This generation is already pissed off and angry, we have seen some inspiration and movements, meaning etc, most of it is unorganized but imagine this generation wakes up and says enough is enough. We could have something like a revolution which is really what society needs imo, a whole rebuild. Reset button kind of. But may not happen, in which case it is just going to get worse.

    1. If young people would band together they could change the world. Problem is they are incredibly disorganized and collectively don’t seem to possess the “sticktoitiveness” required to change the world. The impatience is the downfall.

  2. This really puts everything into perspective. I have met many Millennials who want to break the mold and many who are unwilling to make the difficult changes. We must first learn to walk before we start to run. Unfortunately there are those who do not want to expend the energy required to run. A generation of ‘armchair quarterbacks’ perhaps?

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