Day Three: The South and Riding Shotgun


You know you are in the South (of the USA) when……

  1. The first thing you see on the breakfast buffet is biscuits ( what I would call scones) in a nice warmer with a lid and beside it another covered warmer with a sign that says : “Peppered Gravy”.  I lifted the lid and looked at what was inside.  It was a greyish white semi-congealed substance with small black particles floating in it. This the Southern gravy.  I have tried it once but it was not a big hit with me. So here is what you do if you are a true Southerner. You put a couple of the warm biscuits ( which are very good btw) on your plate and then put a few dollops of the “gravy” on top and then you eat it……for breakfast.
  2. Once you cross the State border into Florida 60-80% of the drivers on…

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