Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/30/17


Let me ask you a question:

What would you do if you hit the lotto (for a ridiculous amount of $$)?


31 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/30/17

  1. pack a case and go. Anywhere, everywhere just follow the sun, buy nothing, just live well out of my suitcase. Obviously help those who’ve helped me in the past, but thats a given for everyone I should think.
    Oh now I’m dreaming … I must get myself a ticket 😉

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  2. First, hire an accountant, a tax lawyer, and a really good IT security team, and have a serious talk with my broker and with my banker. Then, figure out where in the world I would most enjoy living and get there. All that done, I could scheme how best to give a lot of it away.

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    • Our plan is exactly the same. Construct a team, move away, then give it away and live off the interest of what remains. I’d be comfortable in a 800 sq ft cinder block house in the mountains or near the shore.

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  3. I would buy an auto camper, so I could bring my animals, when I travel and we can have the needed breaks on the way and still have a place to sleep. Useful to visit my family, as live far away. Then support my family with what they need. Save some for the future and support animal shelters, so they can continue their great job.

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  4. pay off my bills, pay the college tuition bills for my kids and my SIL, pay the college for my grands and for the kids of my nieces and nephews here, meet you and your wife someplace for some really good BBQ.

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  5. Build safe houses for abuse victims. Build safe houses for the elderly ( I used to volunteer as a chaplain in nursing homes and they are not safe houses!) makes sure our vets, our mentally ill, those who need shelter and safety and help, get it.
    Then…I would buy a wheelchair accessible home on 100s of acres and pave a road through the entire thing for my wheelchair so that I could enjoy nature with accessibility

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