My Dream Big Observation: 12/30/17

My Dream Big Observation: 12/30/17


For those of you who have followed me for any length of time you’ll know that this time of year I go into hyper-introspection mode.  My habit is to evaluate my performance from the past year and develop a plan to get better; whatever that means.  Usually this evaluation relates to my work and blog,  but this year 100% of my evaluation and goal setting will pertain to my marriage.

2017 saw me meet all of my goals as they relate to my webpage, which always makes me happy.  I also met all of my professional goals, which also makes me happy.

But the area that I have not put much goal-focus toward in the past is my marriage and I’m not sure why.  My mission for 2018 is to spend the entire year “dating” my wife.  I want to pursue her, impress her, love her as I did when we were dating.  I don’t believe that the honeymoon period has to end.  I believe it ends because we don’t put forth the same level of effort.

So here’s my marriage mission statement for 2018: “In all things, never stop dating my wife.”  It is simple, effective and will serve as a great reminder to me to make sure we are my number one focus.

Do you make an effort to continue to pursue your spouse/significant other?  Should you?


34 thoughts on “My Dream Big Observation: 12/30/17

  1. What a beautiful resolution for 2018..
    evelina.. is going to be tickled to death..
    and you will fall back in love 😍 again just like you were when you first got married…

    Awww.. so awesome 👏..

    I love this proposal of dating again and again…

    1. It was my therapists idea to create a date jar. So Evelina and I write on pieces of paper new things we can do and new restaurants to eat at. We then each draw out 2 and are responsible for planning and new date experience twice per month each. We are excited about it.

      1. What a most exciting idea..
        I’m feeling very excited 😆 too.. just thinking about it..,

        Danny it’s going to be a a most wonderful year indeed.. with that passionate renewal of love surfacing

  2. I feel sure, that Evelina will appreciate your attention, Danny. I’m not very goal oriented and have never been, I think. I find it important to remember the souls, who are close to my soul and treat them, like they deserve to be treated.
    To stay in a relationship demands, that both parts are willing to work for the relation, whatever you are married or not. Sometimes we are taking others for granted and no one like to be taken for granted. Then we need to learn a new strategy.
    Happy New Year to both of you.

    1. And I am the king of getting into ruts and routines. That doesn’t do well for romance so putting a lot of effort and focus on us this year will be great for our love.

  3. What a thoroughly interesting idea for you to follow in 2018! Unfortunately relationships/marriages appear to take more of backseat to careers and just the day to day hum drum of life. I believe I too need to put forth more of that ‘honeymoon period’ effort. A question though, does it then feel forced after a period of time of it being on the back burner? or is it a natural action that just faded briefly but will always remain natural?

    1. I am realizing my wife deserves more than what men think they need. It goes beyond security and providing a home and all that “manly” stuff we associate our success.

  4. I just found Ben’s Bitter Blog today and find it hilarious. Skimming thru his stuff, I found you, and you’ve already helped me by: mentioning a book I’d love to read, posting that you kept your resolutions from last year-Wow! I want to be able to say that at the end of this year-for the first time. Your asking for feedback in this post gives me a place to say that recently my husband and I have had to be apart due to helping an elderly relative. It’s made me realize that I am still in love with my husband after 33 years of marriage-and it wasn’t all fun and games, believe me. lol

    So thanks for all that! Glad I found your blog.

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