My Manga Collection


I am an online reader of manga usually, I’ve read most of what I’ve read online. But, like other books, I like to read or have a physical copy to hold.

This is why I have a manga collection, it’s not massive but it’s growing over time.

That is my manga collection. It consists of 27 books (I counted so you don’t have to).

What I love is when people have stories for their collections and know where they all came from. And lucky, I can do that.

The One Piece 3in1s I got for Christmas and my Birthday.

I bought the Zombiepowder books because they were on sale a few months ago.

The first Bleach I got on a birthday or Christmas and the rest I got on sale at the store I got the Zombiepowder books from.

The Darren Shan book I got for Christmas.

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