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  1. A friend of mine’s husband drives drunk. And always has. And I just….I am at a loss. I just told her last night I pray he gets pulled over before he kills an innocent person. She said she would then be embarrassed with him on mugshots. Ok so she cares more about mugshots than lives. I just…my friends have told me that my standards are too high and I expect too much from them as human beings. Not that any of them have done one ounce to help me or my daughter since we have been ill but they are referring to my distaste for their inaction to such injustice. Maybe they are correct in that their husband is not their fault and they cannot control what they do. I suppose reading things like this, such loss, at something preventable, makes me wish they would do something. But like i stated in a post last night. Not everyone is like me, understands me, or feels like I do and have to let that be. I am just so sorry for her loss, senseless, loss of precious life

      1. I am so so sorry to hear that. It is unacceptable. It is beyond my understanding of anyone who would support or stay with someone and do NOTHING while they endangered innocent. It has left me in a quandary to be perfectly honest, which i always am, as to what to do about this friend. I told her last night. She has a job. She has an income. She is not disabled like I am. She gets a choice in life, more choices than many, to choose what is right and teach her children what is right. Her three boys are watching this go on…learning…none of it is ok. No regard for loss of life just gives me, i guess like you said no tolerance.

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