My Dream Big New Year’s Eve Observation: 12/31/17


A few things happened with Dream Big in 2017 that I am extremely proud as the achievements represent a lot of hard work.  That’s important to me because, contrary to popular belief, I am not a full-time blogger; I do this as a hobby.

In 2017 Dream Big nearly surpassed 1 million total views for my 3 years in existence, making up a lot of ground toward that goal this year with just under 600,000 total views.  Wow!  That broke down into nearly 500 unique visitors to the page each day for a yearly total of almost 180,000 unique individuals visiting Dream Big.  Those numbers still stagger me and humble me.

I never, ever thought I would be able to have this many people visit my page on a daily basis and that is one of the reasons I try to say thank you so much.  I love my page and I try to put a lot of thought and effort into what I think you guys and gals might be interested in or might want to read.

Once again, THANK YOU to all of you who visit, like, share, email and comment.  It means the absolute world to me that you would even take the time from your day and read something I write; much less take even more time and comment!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and if there is anything I can ever do to help you as a blogger please don’t hesitate to email.  I think most of you have experienced that I will always do what ever I can to help you.

What are some of the goals you have for your page for 2018?  I’d love to read about them in the comments!

Cheers to a successful 2018 for everyone!

Your friend,




21 thoughts on “My Dream Big New Year’s Eve Observation: 12/31/17

  1. Congratulations with all your many visitors, Danny 😀 Very well done.

    I’m looking forward to come back in daily blogging again, which I hope will be possible in the new year. I’m still improving my health, but are not up with either energy or abundance yet, but it will come.

    Happy New Year to you and Evelina.

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  2. Bravo Danny! that is an impressive accomplishment! I enjoy your posts and those devilish questions you ask each day! For me I am gearing up to cover the winter horse show season in Wellington Florida and report on that and interview some of the Canadians who will be competing for scores to make it onto the Canadian dressage team for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon in September. And there will be reports on my own riding, training and competition and last but certainly not least, my horse , Biasini will be “speaking” about things “straight from the horse’s mouth”. Thanks for your support Danny!

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