#2017: My Writing Year in Review

Pamela D. Beverly


In some ways this year felt like a decade. It’s been long and hard. I’m not only talking about politics, world events or life in general. I’m talking about my writing life.

I worked on the editing, formatting and cover design of my new novel, The Love Labyrinth. Don’t misunderstand–I handed it over to the pros to edit, format, etc. But we all know that the author has to do the preliminary work as well as make the final decisions.

I felt like my eyes were bleeding from reading, editing and just looking at words so much. My fellow writers know what I’m talking about.

Then finally, the self-publishing aspect of it was upon me and once completed, like a mother bird, I set my book free.

Along with marketing, marketing and more marketing.

Did I say marketing?

Not to mention working on my blog and social media sites.

I also worked on two other manuscripts this year but…

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