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  1. Cats since I was about young teen We had a small dog for a few years until my brother stopped taking care of him. But, cats have been and still are my animal companions,

      1. Their enormous capability to to love so easily.. No matter what they’ve experienced or how difficult the situations we’ve been in, the love is always there no matter what.

      2. Dogs are the same, but the owner better like them giving attention a lot! lol I have a dog and I get tired of the walking. especially when it is 8 degrees outside. lol

  2. a budgie, a bazillion guinea pigs and dogs….an irish setter that would drag me (often literally) around the block, a spaniel mix that ate most of our furniture, and a daschund named honey who ruled the roost.

  3. Yes. Several dogs, if one passed, we got a replacement so not more than one at a time. Mugsy, Queenie, Midnight and Suggie. For a brief time we kept a squirrel named Perry. He got out of his cage and went across to the next yard biting our next door neighbor. Animal control took Perry away and he was never replaced.

  4. None. Both my parents had bad experiences with dogs. So we had none. As soon as I was out of the house however we had two dogs that were amazing! And when the kids went to college they took their dogs with them. So I’ve been without my own pet for quite a while. And my mother would never allow one to be in her home even now!

  5. Being on a farm far from anyone else, people would drop their unwanted kittens at our home, so we had a lot of cats, mostly made their beds in the rafters above the woodshed. We had a few dogs, Ring used to pull a small wooden cart my sister and I would ride in, and I had a small black dog of my own, all mixes of course. Pets weren’t really allowed inside the house.

      1. In my opinion, pure breeds are for people who intend to have the dog perform the work of its breed, or if they have allergies to dogs. All dogs are smart, and mixed breeds have their own unique appearance. I like pure breeds, but when there’s a mix breed needing a home, they should not be denied and possibly euthanized just because their parents decided to create them.

        The funniest I ran into was what I thought was a brindle Chihuahua. I mentioned to the woman holding it that I had never seen a brindle Chihuahua before, and she responded that the dad was a Boxer. LOL!

  6. None. That’s why my house is a petting zoo now. I have a frog, 2 fish, a rabbit and two dogs. My husband has banned any new pets. Needless to say, when I find a Great Dane puppy in my area…I’m getting one!

  7. I had a hamster who used to get out of his cage every night but be back in it by the morning. When he died I convinced my grandad that he was hibernating so laid him on cotton wool in a box and put him on the fireplace. When the smell got too bad I had to let him be buried 😭😭😭😭😭

    1. That’s a funny story, but kinda sad too. It is always so traumatic when our pets pass away. 🙁 I remember we put our hamster in the bathroom to keep away from the cats, one night we forgot to close the door and one of the cats got to it. Made a huge mess I guess, my mom had to explain the trauma to me in the morning. I was devastated. I loved my hamsters and rather cats were eating them or my brother was tormenting them behind my back etc, they were hard to keep in my house. 🙁

  8. My parents got a Dalmatian when I was 3 or 4, as quite a young pup. She was always a year younger than my brother and my brother was a year younger than me, so that was kinda neat. She was given to us by our cousin who got her from bad owners, she was a nightmare at first, but my parents said all the training, hardwork in her pup years etc she turned out to be the best dog ever to this day. Even the two dogs we got after her, I loved those dogs as well but our Dalmatian, Rosie will be irreplaceable. She lived to be 14, even though she got hit by a car when she was 2 or 3 ish I think? The surgery costs my parents a fortune and at the time her attitude etc was still iffy. Haha They are like hmm…is it worth it? And yes it was, in the end, she was the best dog, very active, friendly, and lived a long healthy life. And normally dog with hip problems have more problems in their older years, risk early death etc. The accident caused her hip oroblems but it never really showed. She was running and perky etc until her last few days when she suffered a stroke at 14. Yup best dog ever!

    Other than her which was our main family pet, we had a few cats, one and then we two kittens from one of her litters. Probably because we begged my parents too because my dad was not a cat person, but he loved that first cat. I guess my parents never got my cats fixed cause I recall they kept having litters of kittens, I remember because it would normally be under my bed and I’d wake up in the middle of the night to a bunch of meows and kitten sounds. When our Dalmatian passed we got a cane corso, and also got a rescue dog who was a mutt. The Cane Corso was a beauty of a dog, her color everyone complemented her on it. She was a good dog, but very alpha complexed. I personally wouldn’t get a cane corso in the future. Too much work to show them their place tbh and even though she never bit anyone or hurt a soul, there was that fear because of her guard like personality. The mutt lived to be like 15, besides his seperation anxiety and constant obsession with fetching, he was a great dog. My parents actually just had to put down the mutt last year, as he was having compulsive seizuring (old age, his cancer was coming back (he survived cancer once etc) Was sad, but he lived a long life and it was his time. It still bothers me though, I still think about that day him being helpless, the seizuring not stopping and couldn’t do anything for the poor guy until we got to the vet. Plus it was like 8:30 ish pm so took some researching to find a vet that was open first. It was like the same month I moved to the states with my husband. Bad month for my parents I might add.

    So yes we always had pets growing up, dogs the longest as my dad was not a cat person. I was kinda devastated after I saw my favorite cat get ran over by a car when I was 6(Was one of the main cat’s litter) she just had kittens that morning too, we had to take care of them and find them homes etc. I was devastated enough I think I didn’t want another cat after that for a long time. But that is the sad thing about pets rather they die young by tragedy, or live a long healthy life you will still out live them a lot of the time. I am iffy about getting pets again because of that, but the hubby and I would love to get a cat in the near future. Mainly because they are easier to manage, people are more willing to come over quickly to just feed them etc, than say asking them to dog sit when you are away. I am more of a dog person though personally, but all animals are awesome. 🙂

  9. Oh and I had hamsters, brother and I each had our own gold fish etc, and my parents did have fish. I have so many stories of all my pets sorry for ranting. My brother sticking my hamsters in the fish bowl once, sticking one in a hard cover book sitting on it breaking it’s leg. A fish dying we flushing it down the toilet. Then my great grandma dies like a week or so later and my brother asking my parents if we are going to flush my great grandma down the toilet as well. 🙂 So many stories, animals are one of the many joys in life and I prefer them over humans any day.

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