Cancer Journey: Part 6

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This is not the easiest post and it doesn’t have anything to do with the status of my diagnosis.

The last couple weeks have been tough.  I had to change my insurance plan, at work, and elected the “gold” versus the “silver” plan, in order to get rid of the annual deductible and bring down the usage fees when I see the doctor or get labs.  It also raised my weekly contribution costs, but it had to be done.

Unfortunately, with this plan change, came with a carrier change.  I joined the Sutter Health network and am sad to report they choose to charge patients a 20% copay for chemo medication, where other plans cover it 100% or charge a max of $50/prescription.  Hopefully, one day they realize how punitive this is and begin to cover oral chemotherapy pills as effectively as they do IV chemotherapy.

I left a plan…

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5 thoughts on “Cancer Journey: Part 6

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