42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/5/18

  1. I think my thoughts and conversations within my mind are generally positive. That wasn’t always the case. I’m a much different person now than I was 20 or more years ago.

  2. I speak and emanate positivity but my thoughts are fairly negative. I am looking to change this mindset to have positive internal thoughts as well through my blog, therapy through writing 🙂 reflecting on the positives each day.

      1. I think it is forced redirection. If I actively make myself think of one positive thing each day then increase that number over time I may just do this automatically. I am hoping at least! If I have success I will write a book lol

      2. I think it is important to also involve oneself in new, positive experiences. Find new fun things to do and those experiences open up new pathways in the brain and release chemicals that help reduce negativity.

      3. That’s a good idea. I do look back fondly on memories of new positive experiences. I think the reason I sometimes don’t engage is because of the fear of a negative experience clouding my mind for days or weeks after the event.

  3. How do you differentiate between the first part of your question from the second part of your question ? I mean not the limit epsilon going to zero differentiation, if that helps.

    1. Maybe you have to experience it. My thoughts in a general sense tend to be positive. But when I am talking to myself my thoughts tend to be more critical, more demanding which at times feels negative.

      1. OK I guess I get that so you are projecting a different self and feeling a different one. I believe everyone does that. I am somewhat reversed, My inner thoughts are usually more positive than what I project.

  4. Well, for me my thoughts are my inner speak and if broken down, I would say my thoughts usually consist of conversations as an observer of everything around me to discern where I should place my attention and where I should just let what I see before me slide away, then I break out in inner music, singing to myself, it is a great way to remember that this too shall pass.

  5. My thoughts are generally positive, my inner dialogue can be brutally hard on myself. Im learning to check that a lot quicker and refrain my inner dialogue. Its helps when I refrain and than recognize how much easier life is to navigate when my thoughts and inner dialogue are congruent.

  6. My thoughts are positive most times but tend to gather toward the negative once I start interacting with Facebook or other social media entitled..it often centers around the fact that most of the people whom I interact with have the same mission as me entrepreurship and if they are doing things differently and getting interactions I started thinking why didn’t I do the same? Just with my spin on it..it irritates me that I’m like that when I want to be motivational and all that jazz.

  7. Some of the time I manage to hold the positive (optimistic?) and negative (pessimistic?) ideas at the same time – maybe it would be more accurate to say i juggle them. Otherwise, I think they come out with about equal time. That is how I internally speak to myself.

    1. That’s a fair statement I think. For some reason I feel as though my internal self-speak is negative or at least I notice the negative more than I notice the positive.

  8. I have conversations with myself internally and outwardly, almost not kidding. I am nuts, but it’s okay! Lol.

    It depends, I have tried my best to adopt positive thinking into my life the last couple years, but I am a pessimistic person by nature. Always have been. It could come from my dad, as he is the same. It may effect my thoughts etc, but it doesn’t normally effect my actions so I guess it is not a bad thing? Besides when things do work out positively, I am even more happier and shocked. When it doesnt work out, I am like heh who cares? I already prepared for this and called it! So who knows maybe it has it’s benefits? I don’t beat myself up for long from being rejected, or failures. I just move onto the next thing.

    So yes it depends. Something else too positive people make me cringe and often come across as super fake. I think positive thinking is important and good for our mental health, motivation etc but then there is that dose of reality.

    1. I also find overly-positive people to be fake, but I try to discern as best I can between people who are faking it and people who are generally really happy. I know both.

      1. Yes, I know what you mean. Same here. 🙂 I think people who are generally happy are just real, life is not 100% rainbows all the time, if it was it would be boring. That is how I disguish between the fakes and happy people. People who are happy can be sad sometimes, they can fail etc and they are not afraid to show it because they also don’t lack the confidence. If that makes sense. Haha. People who wear a fake smile 24/7 are kinda irritating. I am like I bet your real life is a wreck. :/ But I guess they think people buy into it.

      2. Or maybe they think the smile helps others, which it does. I am all for positivity and being happy. But even I don’t need raindbows all the time, or sympathy etc to be happy. I am like just be real, it will be all good I promise. xD I relate to people who are more real because I feel they understand more and can truly help etc which leads to me being happy eventually.

  9. I’m usually a positive person. Ofc sometimes life knocks you down but it depends on the person, it can take a year to get over an incident and get back up, or a month.
    So when you decide to be optimistic, positive and always keep the faith, you’re there.
    So yeah, I’m positive in both ways.
    Wasn’t easy to get there, but here i am☺️

  10. My thoughts are how I “internally speak” to my self. If the conversation turns negative I have to rein it in and pull it upwards or I can go down a black hole. This is what I have learned about the chatter in my head. I would say that my thoughts are now mostly positive but this is a learned pattern.

    1. I am understanding now that we can open up new pathways in the brain with new experiences which are more positive. These new experiences have a dramatic impact on generating new thought processes. The brain is incredible.

  11. I usually have positive thoughts especially when it comes to others. Now, when its a new business venture or task that I have to face, my thoughts first are negative of how I feel things will turn out. But, I am working on that, lol. Negative thoughts get you nowhere. It creates self-doubt and keeps you from moving forward.

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