My Daily Observation: 1/5/18


Over the last few days I have watched the 5 days of the 1995 Senate hearings on the tragedy which occur in Waco, Texas involving the Branch Dravidians.  My mentor at the time and college professor, Dr. James Tabor, played a major role in that event, spending many days in 1993 outside the compound trying to help the FBI and ATF understand the mind of someone whose core values and beliefs are rooted in apocalyptic eschatology; fancy way of saying they believe they are living in the last days.

The hearings were fascinating and sparked me to begin rereading some old classics and devise a new reading list and drop the habit of bingeing Netflix at night.   As I stated yesterday I’ve added The Power of Habit to the list along with both Paul and Jesus and The Jesus Dynasty by James Tabor.  I’ve also pulled off the shelf one of my all time favorites by Sam Keen called Hymns to an Unknown God which chronicles his personal journey from the world of religion into the unknown world of spirituality; it’s a fascinating read.  And lastly to balance things out I have included The TB 12 Method by Tom Brady and Fearless by Jo Ann Maxwell.

I have neglected my reading habit and replaced it with a lot of video watching and I plan to add in some more stimulating activities for my brain.

Anyway, I’d be curious to know what you have on your reading schedule; let me know in the comments.


14 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 1/5/18

  1. Since I began writing I have found myself less engaged in reading, especially fiction. So many stories and yet all the same somehow.much like life. Over the Summer I read the first in Julia Cameron’s Artists Way series and have begun the second.. it was really an inspiration. I love books that engage me a tively, not just as an observer. I am also re reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King for its relevance is very strong today. Also I am mucking through two autobiographical works by female artists I admire-Shirley MacLaine and Jane Fonda. I just don’t quiet my mind enough to read at great length anymore. Good luck with your reading.

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  2. I’m currently re-reading “Angels Fear: Toward An Epistemology Of The Sacred” by Gregory Bateson and his daughter, Mary Catherine Bateson. Next up will be either “Composing A Further Life: The Age Of Active Wisdom” by Mary Catherine Bateson (its a follow up to her “Composing A Life” written in the 1980s), or “Small Arcs Of Larger Circles” by Nora Bateson (Gregory’s other daughter). I’m also working my way through “Perceval’s narrative: A patient’s account of his psychosis, 1830-1832:” by John Perceval, (edited by Gregory Bateson) — Hmmm – there does seem to be a pattern there. – major influence for many years.

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