Three Strikes, You’re Out!

Being Lydia!

No, I am not mixed up with my sports terminology! The picture and title don’t match, but you will see the connection soon!

The passing of Johnny Bower, the hockey goalie (shown above), brought back memories of my Dad. He was a diehard hockey fan and I became one as well watching it every Saturday night at dinner. It was the only time we could eat and watch TV!

Dad knew everything there was to know about the old-time players like Bower, Bobby Hull, the Richard brothers, and so many others. In his later years, he would forget current players but he never forgot the ones from his past!

But his love of the game didn’t stop at watching NHL games on TV. In his university days, Dad was the 3rd string goalie for the College of Pharmacy team. Being 3rd string meant he didn’t have to dress in uniform and…

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