72 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/8/18

  1. laughter……….that’s the most important “little thing”. a smile..strangers saying hello when i say hello to them..a dog getting all excited when i come in the door even if I only went to check the mail.

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  2. When I have a whole night sleep, an ‘I love you’ from my boyfriend, or when a stranger smiles at me for some reason. And I love coming back home to a happy and excited dog 🙂 either way, it’s when I know I made someones day better

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  3. I have a lot of things in mind… A stranger’s smile being in my top 10, and I can see that a lot of people like that (let’s smile, people, if we all want smiles from others, we have to be that “other” to others too!!)

    One that hasn’t been picked yet, I think, is waking up a couple of hours before the alarm clock, and realizing that I can turn around and sleep a little more! I loooove that!

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  4. My morning coffee. A good joke. Making someone smile. A nice hug. Getting chores out of the way and admiring the positive result. So many little things that can make our day better. Our mind has to be open to perceiving these pleasurable incidents and allowing them to make us smile.

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  5. A lot of things. Sleeping under warm covers and waking up with no pain, warm sweet coffee, watching a movie I taped a while ago but haven’t watched yet, reading blogs. But most of all, visits from my grandkids or kids Like Cyranny, smiles from strangers are a treat also.

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  6. This is going to sound very corny and lame but I am not a social butterfly. My social circle revolves around Sailors, moody teenage age girls, the pets, and my six year old. When you post your questions, I feel like I get to talk to grown ups. On the days that I have time, I stalk your page and conversate as much as possible and that makes my day.

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