Conversation with GOD

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quote-grief-anger-disappointment-with-godangry-with-god-honestI had a conversation, with my God,
I would like to share, what we talked.
HE knew already what I will ask,
This is how HE decided to start.

There is no harm in crying,
I know you are trying.
But, this is your difficult time,
I know you are not fine.

I appreciate your tears,
As they make it clear.
That your love is intense,
For the one, not near.

This loving bond of yours,
Tells ME that you,
Listen to your inner voice,
In spite of the outside noise.

It tells ME that you know,
What emotions you need to show?
Tears are for your defense,
To deal with this difficult phase.

I knew there will be situations,
When you will see no solution.
So, I gave an exit route,
For the storm developing within you.

I know, my child, I gave you pain,
No one on this…

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