66 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/9/18

  1. I had a few since it was a one room school house in the country, but two sisters especially. They were a year apart and I started playing with them at the age of three when we moved from a tiny town to the 200 acre dairy farm. Still best buds today.

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  2. A guy named Jason. We’re good friends all the way through high school even. We each went to different colleges though, so we lost track for a while. He moved back some years after college, opened a restaurant, and now a second one. We see each other every now and then still.

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  3. We moved to a small town in Ontario, Canada where I lived from 6-years of age to about 11 or 12-years of age and my best friend was a very sweet girl named Ali (short for Allison) who lived right across the street. I had many close friends there, but I always considered her my best friend. It was where I attempted my first sleep over at one of her birthday parties, and though it was right across the street, I didn’t last the night and ended up going home. Lol In time I did spend nights over there, as well with other neighborhood friends. I have many fond memories with my close friends, but mostly with her and her family as well. A very lovely family and both our families were quite close, her mom worked with my mom and both their daughters attended school with me and my brother. Her sister was however older though memories of her, the age difference was enough that she didn’t spend as much time with us, other than her older sister would sometimes come over and swim in our pool. Our pool was a highlight and always popular with neighborhood friends. Sometimes kids would come over we wouldn’t normally hang out with. Haha

    When I moved in grade 5, I buddied up with a girl in my class who was also our next door neighbor. She told the teacher she wanted the new girl to sit next to her along with another girl in our class. My brother also became quick friends with her older brother as they both lived next door. She quickly became my best friend and remained my best friend until out of high school. We lost contact because of college, I moved across the country and so on. My brother and his girlfriend are still good friends with both of them.

    I don’t know I have lost most of my friends, not because of drama or anything like that. I was a very internal child and became more internal the older I got. It caused me to lose a lot of friends in the process. And then I moved back to where I was born and that was pretty much it. My husband is now my best friend. 🙂

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