My Daily Observation: 1/9/18


I am amazed at the number of people who listen intently to the views and opinions of celebrities.  Just for the record, I do not.  I don’t watch any of the celebrity award shows.  I don’t read any celebrity tweets.  I simply don’t care what they have to say.  But apparently someone does or else Yahoo and other media sources wouldn’t be loaded with info about The Golden Globes.

To some degree society has always been influenced by celebrities.  After all most advertising campaigns over the last 70 years have centered around a celebrity spokesperson; and they work which means they have influence.

I have always said every person needs to be careful in who they allow in their inner-circle of influence.  The right person with influence can steer the ship toward the stars (no pun intended), but the wrong influencer can take it down for a deep dive.  I think it is important for all of us to recognize and be in control of who we allow to have influence in our lives.

With all that is going on in Hollyweird, I’m not so sure any of them are suitable and trustworthy role models.

34 thoughts on “My Daily Observation: 1/9/18

  1. I’m with you, here. Films and TV don’t interest me much, but I get that they bring a lot of entertainment and escapism for many people. I’m sure there are many fine performers who are brilliant at their jobs, acting their socks off and bringing joy to millions. But I fail to see why that makes their opinions more valid or important than any other hard working, competent person also doing a great job at whatever it is they do, day in day out. They just have a bigger platform, but no greater insight. And being wrapped up in the entertainment industry skews their view of what really is normal. Good luck to them, I say – but don’t listen to them too closely. They don’t know any more about anything than you or I.

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  2. It cracks me up too, and you can include the fawning over them during public appearances. They’re just people, people. They have no better insight or knowledge or the Keys to life than any other person. Just because they can play an instrument or shoot a basketball does not make them wise, sage, or transcendant.

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    • I will give a few of them points for drive and ambition. People like Terry Crews who worked hard and struggled but didn’t give up. But the lessons I allow myself to learn from them are to be diligent. I don’t care about their politics.

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  3. I never listen to so called celebrities. It’s a job, you are an actor and I don’t care about you outside of your job. I recently finished a book about the beginning days of Hollywood. Back then actors had the same standing as hookers. We’ve turned them into royalty. They are not.

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  4. I have to admit I love a bit of Graham Norton on a Friday night, but it’s the stories they tell that I enjoy and I find it so refreshing that underneath all that pzazz they are just ordinary folks. Don’t have any interest in the reality shows though. I find it difficult to see how someone can be famous for just being famous?

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  5. Great post and for the most part I agree. Celebrities are just people, however if what they say or do inspires me, I listen the same as I would an everyday person. I however don’t have twitter to even bother with celeb tweets, I don’t read celeb gossip, watch award shows or anything like that. I did post a tweet posted by Nikki Sixx the other day, but it was something I searched on google, I wanted to find out if the guy quit other things than heroin out of curiosity and inspiration as I am trying to quit smoking myself, and it popped up. But I don’t have a twitter account to follow these people or care too. Am I guilty of reading books written by my favorite celeb if they inspire me or paying attention to their music, buying their albums, shows or some of their work off camera, sure. It is not however some celeb crush or obsession that is hurting me. They are just people and should be treated as such. So their opinion is of course still valid as anyone else’s opinion. Music for example has inspired me and saved me in times no one in my personal life has or could at the time, so there’s that too. It is just not an insane celeb obsession so it doesn’t have a negative effect on my life. I think is what you mean is more how people are obsessed with celebrities, their opinions and so on. Probably in no relation to my small thought on celebs. 🙂

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    • Yes, the obsession is a culture thing and I think there are better people to idolize as role models. And many will say they don’t pay much attention to celebs, but meanwhile the Kardashian family is making 500+ million per year. That money doesn’t just appear. Real people are supporting all of their products and most of that comes from people who watch their show.

      I guess my point is to bring up the idea that we should be careful in how much we allow anyone to have influence over us; much less celebrities.

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      • Yes it is sad in events like the Kardashians. I fully agree, and there are many more pathetic examples like that. It’s unfortunate. Another is the celeb worship itself, like they are just people. Yes some celebs inspire me, but I don’t know if I ever saw them in public if I’d actually bother them. Like everyone they want to be left alone and they are JUST PEOPLE like you and me. No different. The worship thing is really silly I think. That we paint them in some God like form. I have other beef with the whole celebrity thing but I won’t get into it. Lol. A lot of is just bad.

        I understand and agree with your point. I think everyone has to be careful who we allow in our circle and who influences us, but that also includes everyday people as well as celebs.

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  6. As far as role models go, I don’t think someone in Hollywood can make a good role model since most of what they do on and off camera is to create a certain image.
    And they are entitled to their opinions like everyone else but when it comes to celebrities, it’s hard to decide if they are taking a stand to make a difference or for the attention they get being part of the movement. There are some out there with real concerns for actual causes and they have a greater platform to do it, but let’s be honest on what effect they really have. Everyone will talk about the Golden Globes and what stance so and so took but it won’t mean anything in a week or two. I don’t think most of society takes any of it serious enough to take action for those stances, despite some of them being legitimate issues.

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    • I tend to agree with you. My overall point is to get people thinking about how much influence they allow anyone to have in their life. There are a lot of people who hang on the words of celebrities; idolize them. I would caution against it.

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  7. I still haven’t heard or read Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes, which I never watch; I’ve heard the speech is powerful and Oprah does have an interesting story to tell, but that’s distinct from her status as a celebrity; American culture that confuses celebrity with wisdom. This happens on the internet as well: we assume someone with a huge twitter following has something to say. Numbers, popularity, money, and power are all confused with wisdom and maturity. It ain’t necessarily so.

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